Sermon Schedule for December 2023

December 3rd- Dan Wallington
Candle Lighting: Hope

1st Reading: Isaiah 64:1-9
2nd Reading: Mark 13:24-37
Sermon Title: “Jesus is Coming to Town”

December 10th- Pastor David
Candle Lighting: Peace

1st Reading: Isaiah 40:1-11
2nd Reading: Mark 1:1-8
Sermon Title: “Prepare the Way”

December 17th- Cantata Sunday
Candle Lighting: Joy
December 24th- Pastor David
Candle Lighting: Love
1st Reading: Luke 1:46-55
2nd Reading: Luke 1:26-38
Sermon Title: “Mary’s Strength”
December 31st- Pastor David
1st Reading: Isaiah 61:10-62:3
2nd Reading: Luke 2:22-40
Sermon Title: “Proclaiming the Name of Jesus”