Our Mission

Our purpose at Blaine Christian Church is to live and share the love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Together, we seek to learn, teach, hear, minister, support, grow and worship as a community of faith. As Christ’s disciples, we accept the call to reach out with God’s love to those outside the church. Thus, as part of the Church Universal, we intend to serve both the physical and spiritual needs of our immediate community and the world. To this end we commit ourselves to witness and serve in the fellowship and traditions of the Christian Church.

Contact Us

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm or by appointment

Church Location & Address:  7018 Putney Rd, Arcadia, MI 49613.

Telephone & Fax: Tel: (231) 352-9148 | Fax: please call.

Email: blainechurch@gmail.com


Our Staff

Senior Pastor- (Vacant: see Job Posting)


Associate Pastor, David Spalding

Office Manager/ Administrative Assistant , Angela DeWys


Pillar III, Carolyn Waterson

  • Christian Education
  • Evangelism/Membership

Pillar II, (Vacant)

  • Congregational Care & Fellowship
  • Church Property
  • Missions