Our History


Our movement began on frontier America in the early 1800’s. Today we are the largest Protestant Church founded on American soil. Original “Disciples” came from Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, and other backgrounds with a desire to do away with divisive creeds and practices.  Their plea was the unity of all Christians on the basis of no creeds but Christ, and no book but the Bible.

In the essentials of our faith, unity;

In non-essentials, liberty;

In all things, love.


Blaine Christian church has been a part of God’s heart and love for over 100 years.  This beautiful country church has grown to include worshipers from a wide surrounding area.  In 2008, we began worshiping in our new sanctuary.  The life and teachings of Jesus Christ are emphasized each Sunday. Small groups and full congregational gatherings enrich the fellowship and learning of those who have found Blaine to be a great church home.